The following is a description of services to be provided by our company as part of this Property Management Program:

Our Services
  • Perform an inspection of the Property every week if it is unoccupied (check to see if there are no insects inside, if the alarm, AC units, pool pump etc. is working) and before each arrival/departure of renters or owners.
  • Take meter readings for electrical, water, and gas each week + monitor the usage.
  • Verify Pool Service has been performed.
  • Check and replace as needed light bulbs inside and outside premises. Owners will provide basic necessary tools and supplies as needed to perform these duties.
  • Ensure windows and doors are locked, blinds are closed, alarm is armed and functioning, and air conditioners are off and there is no running water.
  • Air out house as needed.
  • Check for insects and advise if pest control is needed, and arrange with vendor.
  • Check that septic tank cap is on securely – otherwise tank fills with rainwater drainage.
  • Check septic level – if empty then house drip irrigation should be switched to “auto” (if applicable) this will be coordinated with on property Gardner.
  • Our Services
  • House drip irrigation should be switched to “off” if house has occupants – this will be coordinated with on property Gardner.
  • Have air conditioners serviced each six (6) month; sooner if necessary with owners consent.
  • Act as primary contact and key holder for utility companies and Alarm Security Company and respond to alarms promptly.
  • Be available to House (and Renters) 24/7 for all emergencies.
  • Arrange all necessary basic services such as: house cleaning before and after each occupancy, monitor weekly visits from gardener and pool service providers, basic home repairs and maintenance, laundry, replenishment of supplies, mail collection and forwarding to Owner if appropriate.
  • Interact on behalf of the Owner with all utility companies (electricity, gas, water, cable TV and phone company for both telephone and internet connections) and Aruban government authorities.
  • Take any emergency actions to responsibly protect the Property.
  • Contact the Owner for approval of expenditures above $500.00.
  • Provide Owner an itemized statement of expenses on a quarterly basis via email unless interim is requested.
  • Make deposits of rents in to Owner’s account in Aruba as and when the owner wants.
  • Use Owner’s approved contractors and other service providers, whenever reasonably possible.
  • Our Services
  • Owner gives Manager a limited power of attorney, as it pertains only to this Property, to deal with all authorities, tenants, contractors or any other service providers to enable Manager to perform according to the terms of the agreement.
  • Owner will provide Manager with an inventory list of all furnishings and equipment in the house. Manager will inspect after each tenant that inventory is accounted for and not damaged. Tenants are to be charged for missing or damaged items (excepting for normal wear and tear).