Owner Reviews

Property Management: a matter of trust

Trusting your home to somebody is a big step, one that you won’t take lightly. A property manager whom you have met and who provides outstanding, personalized service is what you are looking for. Well, look no further: Matthew and Anna Smillie of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes are the ones. They will see to it that your home on Aruba is promoted and kept in the best possible condition.

The company offers excellent rental conditions: both you and the people you are renting your home to, will be more than pleased. No doubt about it: Matthew and Anna Smillie belong to the best in the business!

Only the best is good enough for you

It is always very nice to receive compliments, and when the reviews about our hard work are glowing, you won’t take it amiss if we share a little bit of the praise that we have received from our clients.

This review came in about a year ago; it is from a gentleman who owns a property on the Tierra del Sol golf course. He and his wife recently decided that they wished to make a change in their property management firm and they chose Aruba Property Management. Now the two are over the moon with the results as they rented out their home-away-from-home for more weeks in one year, than they did in the previous five years combined. “Matthew and Anna Smillie have taken excellent care of our home, paying the insurance bills, even taking it upon themselves to repair water damage, hiring contractors and handling the insurance,” Mr. Barry Herbold wrote. “I simply can’t say enough about the quality of their service.”

A company that handles your property as its own

When renting a home one relies on a property management company to see to it that everything is in working order and that the house is clean and neat when guests are arriving. Anything that is broken should be fixed, anything that is missing should be replaced. And although there might be island-wide power outages now and then, all the appliances and the television should be working.

With Matthew and Anna Smillie of Aruba Property Manager as your property managers you won’t have anything to worry about. They will handle your property as if it were their own, so whether you rent a property from them (Aruba Property Manager) or whether they rent your property to others (Aruba Villa Vacation Homes), your house will be spotless and in the best possible condition. By the way, responding quickly to any emergency is what Matthew and Anna are known for.

Peace of mind – that is what this is all about

“Peace of mind, that is what this is all about,” say Richard and Luz Blair, who are based between the Middle East and the UK, but who enjoy spending time in their villa on Aruba. They heartily recommend the Aruba Villa Vacation Home/Aruba Property Manager team of Matthew and Anna Smillie to everybody wishing to rent a house on the island or who would like to have this couple manage a property.

“Matt and Anna have more than met our high expectations, managing our house and all the administration associated with owning a villa on Aruba,” they write. “We have not experienced such excellent personalized service and attention before.”

Making a profit is a two-way street

Property management is a form of art – it is a two-way street that should put a smile on everyone’s face. When you entrust your house to Aruba Villa Vacation Homes you are making the right choice.

Good property management is all about being efficient, fast and reliable. No cutting corners, no lazy responses are the secret for success. Matthew and Anna Smillie of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes and Aruba Property Manager come highly recommended. We hope you will be smiling soon as well!